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All Encompassing Functionality Of Computer And Technology

As for MyNews, its share price in Nov20 fell below the worst moment in Mac20. Krono’s share price makes some progress but I read somewhere that its business model is not that good. No doubt that the trendy boutique broking business generates good revenue, still it helps traders too to own hand within the pool of profit. It might drop back to the ground if it can’t grow its business and deliver consistent profit. The government might give it for free though, and the profit margin might not be great. Prolexus rose because of its impressive profit from selling ProX Mask during the pandemic. They are Prolexus and Leon Fuat. This was true even when statistically controlling for factors such as total assets, fund strategy and several other variables that could have led more resourceful hedge funds to occupy expensive offices that are often found on higher levels of buildings. Treasuries. And, importantly, the Fed said it plans to keep interest rates low even after a recovery gains momentum.


I have sold all its shares after FY21Q1 result announcement as it did not meet my expectation even though in term of PE ratio, it’s still quite “cheap”. I think most medium to long term investors, or fundamentalist should do well in stock market in year 2020. Our KLCI closes higher by 2.4% for the year and US indices break new highs. Leon Fuat rides on a small steel bull run in the end of 2020. I still hold on to its shares and plan to wait for next quarter result since the trend is still there. Scientex will have its bonus shares and free warrants ex-ed on 13/1/2021. I don’t expect its share price to grow fast but I’d just hold this “steady” stock for longer term. As for Hibiscus, I have lowered my average price from RM1.05 to RM0.70 and I hope that crude oil price will continue its recovery road in 2021. I also hope that it can acquire good producing assets soon.


Master’s next FY20Q4 result might not be very good but I expect gradual recovery starting from year 2021. I hope that it can secure more new customers. If all Covid-19 vaccines are to be bottled in Malaysia, then DKSH might not get the “windfall”. If each individual needs 2 to 3 injections, then it will be 64 million to 96 million vaccines needed. In spite of these caveats, there remained optimism about growth in this market, with the more conservative forecasters predicting that global revenues from marijuana sales will increase to $70 billion in 2024, triple the estimated sales in 2018, and the more daring ones predicting close to $150 billion in sales. That was more than twice the 51% return for the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA over the same time. If you followed other’s promises or hyped systems you will only waste your time and money, then discover the same fact in the end, making money requires patience and discipline.